Monday, December 08, 2008

A Dozen Promising Young Composers, A Dozen Chairs, And Another Fascinating American Road Trip

Monday, December 01, 2008 8 PM FREE

Undergraduate Composers Concert
Hertz Concert Hall
University of California, Berkeley

New Music by:

Roger Kim
Kai Siedenberg
Gabrielle Angeles
Jonathan McGeachen
Wendy Su
Helen Palmer
Garrett Wellenstein
Keith Avelino Hernandez
Zach Hejny
Gabo Zepeda-Hernandez
Robert Cheifetz
Yonatan Landau

A monument on Deribasovsky Street, Odesa, Ukraine, to the twelfth chair of Ilf and Petrov's novel.

Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons. With thanks.


Ilf and Petrov's American Road Trip: The 1935 Travelogue of Two Soviet Writers

American Photographs: The Road [First chapter with photographs]
Ilya Ilf & Evgeny Petrov
tr. Erika Wolf

... "And, indeed, when you close your eyes and try to rekindle memories of this country where you spent four months, you don't imagine yourself in Washington with its gardens, columns, and full collection of monuments, nor in New York with its skyscrapers and its poor and rich, nor in San Francisco with its steep streets and suspension bridges, nor in the mountains, factories, or canyons, but at such an intersection of two roads and a gasoline station against a ground of wires and advertising signs." ...


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