Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Around the World with Joseph Stiglitz -- Tomorrow Night (Beyond The Roaring Nineties And The Unequal Oughts?)

Dear Pan,

I apologize for an error in this week's edition. The date was left out of the item about the showing of the film, 'Around the World with Joseph Stiglitz'. It will have its only US screening at the Walter Reed Theatre at Lincoln Center in New York, NY, tomorrow, December 3, at 7:30pm.

The Film Society of Lincoln Center presents this French film that follows Joseph Stiglitz from Gary, Indiana's unused steel depots to Ecuador's oil fields and presidential estates as he examines the great paradox of our times: how globalization, such a boon for some countries, has proved so disastrous for others. The screening will be followed by an onstage conversation with Dr. Stiglitz and director Jacques Sarasin. More information and online ticket sales at http://filmlinc.com/wrt/onsale/stiglitz.html

I hope to see you there.


Muisca raft, representation of the initiation of the new Zipa in the lake of Guatavita, possible source of the legend of El Dorado.

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Photo credit: Andrew Bertram and World66.com via Wikimedia Commons. With thanks.


Paging Roland Celette ...


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