Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Renaissance Research And Pan Cogito Are Happy To Promote 'The Year of Castles and Palaces of Galychyna (Including The Lviv Region) in Ukraine'

-- road network including Pan-European highways;

-- rich cultural, historic, and art surroundings that will satisfy the most exigent connoisseur of art;

-- talented and hard-working people – descendants of those who did significant contribution in development of the world sciences and culture;

-- beautiful nature and inexhaustible minerals that make us consider our land to be the best place for rest and health spa.

"Moreover, you will always feel yourself as a desirable and dear guest here. About half of all castles and palaces of Ukraine are located in Lviv region. Our obligation before our descendants is to preserve these precious acquirements of not only Ukrainian but also all-European culture. As far as this year is proclaimed a Year of Castles and Palaces of Galychyna in Ukraine, the central theme of Lviv International Economic Forum is the attraction of state-of-art technologies to preservation of historic and architectural heritage. Another central topic of the Forum derives from an exceptional opportunity of hosting Euro-2012 that gives us a chance to make a major step in the infrastructure development."

"European Partnership - Open Opportunities"

"This was just a road between two communities. Then, in September 1939, the locals woke up to discover that they belonged to different countries. The EU now maintains a sophisticated infrastructure to prevent people crossing. In the [lower] photo, the new road and the houses uphill is Poland. One day this great barrier will also disappear." [The photo, above, is of Stare Selo Castle near Lviv, Ukraine, Future European Union.]

Caption and photo credits: (c) Vladyslav "Slav" Tsarynnyk and Lviv Ecotour. 2008. All rights reserved. With thanks.


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