Friday, October 31, 2008

Pan Cogito Dispenses Practical Advice For Halloween

If you are sitting at home (assuming you still have a home, or a hovel) waiting for the Halloween trick-or-treaters to come, and they don't come; you can use the time suddenly available to you to listen to American contemporary classical composer David Lang's Pulitzer Prize winning chamber cantata The Little Match Girl Passion, courtesy of New Music Carnegie Hall: The Carnegie Hall Commissions -- recorded almost exactly one year ago.

If you still have time, you can also listen to the Carnegie Hall Commissions of the following contemporary classical composers :

Adams, John
Adler, Christopher
Assad, Clarice
Bruce, David
Carter, Ryan
Clyne, Anna
Kalhor, Kayhan
Kopelman, Aviya
Lam, Angel
Lauer, Johannes
Lena Frank, Gabriela
Pintscher, Matthias
Riley, Gyan
Sheng, Bright
Vrebalov, Aleksandra
Ward-Bergeman, Michael
Ziporyn, Evan


Header Image: Artist: Basko Tamara, 14 years old, the pupil of the children's art school of P.I.Chaykovskiy. Title - picture: The Little Match Girl. Title - fairytale: The Little Match Girl. Childrens drawings from Kaliningrad Project.

Image credit: (c) Basko Tamara and The Hans Christian Andersen Center, Institute of Literature, Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Southern Denmark. 2008. Copyright controlled. With thanks.


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