Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Addresses Of The National University Of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” And The Tbilisi State University To The United Nations And The World Academic Community

Address Of The National University Of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” To The United Nations And The World Academic Community:

"National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” condemns Russia’s interference in the internal conflict of the sovereign state of Georgia.

The title of “peacekeeping operation” is being used as a cover for Russian aggression in Georgia. In fact, we are witnesses to an international security threat caused by a totalitarian system, which rests upon traditions of Russian imperialism, including its communist period.

Since 2002, the Mykhailo Hrushevsky Collegium has worked in Tbilisi; it belongs to the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Collegiums Network and is supervised by Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. This year Mykhailo Hrushevsky Collegium celebrated its first graduation. From the Collegium teachers, students and parents we are informed about aggressive hostilities, perpetrated by Russia, about bombardment of innocent civilians and about victims among Georgian citizens of different nationalities. Today the Collegium students are waiting for new bombs from the Russian “peacekeepers”. These Georgian children, equally with regarding the national heritage and traditions, have chosen the western values of democracy and freedom. They are ready and they will defend independence and the integrity of their country. They desire to live in a common European home, not in a Russian camp. This is their choice, and we ask the world to respect it.

We, the academic community of one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe, which began its history in 1615, denounce any military resolution of conflict and Russian intervention in the internal affairs of Georgia, as well as of any other country.

NaUKMA appeals to U.N.O. and to the world academic community and asks them to condemn the Russian military intervention into the internal affairs of Georgia, to call things by their proper names, to unite against the aggressive stance of Russian government and to support the peaceful settlement of the conflict.

If the world keeps silent or hesitates in holding Russia responsible, this may abet further aggression and embed the feeling of impunity in the cynical politics of this agonizing empire."



Address of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University to the European and US Universities:

"The Georgian state is facing a major threat today. As you all know, Russia purposefully continues aggressive military campaign against Georgia and is openly trying to completely annex our country. Western values, which have been nurtured and protected by Georgia for years, is now being sacrificed to the imperial plans of Russian Federation.

This conflict provoked by separatists and Russian military units is a precondition to draw Georgia to a full-scale war. Despite the fact that Georgian authorities made a decision to immediately cease fire in South Ossetia, the breakaway region, regular army of Russian Federation continues military intervention into Georgia. The aggressors are trying to bring down Georgian sovereignty by demonstrating and practicing its military power over Georgians. Russia is bombing the whole territory of Georgia and its civilian population.

The camps of Georgian reservist army, which among others include our students, are being constantly attacked. Russia acts as an inhuman state which does not care for the losses among peaceful population.

Thousands of children, youngsters, women and the elderly are being killed as a consequence of Russian military raids. By broadcasting forged information, Russian mass media is trying to mislead the international community. Georgian government is taking every effort to protect its population from the aggressors.

In the 21st century, when the whole world is fighting against international terrorism and seeks peaceful relations between the states, Russia is openly ignoring the civilized laws of world order.

In this unfair battle today Georgia is in need of support from world community to protect sovereign rights and liberties. Though number of statements in support of Georgia has already been made by numerous states and international organizations, Russia does not change its plan. More active involvement of world community is required to stop this barbarian act.

Therefore, we urge you to express your protest against Russian military intervention which endangers not only Georgia but also international peace and security. We consider it the duty of Tbilisi State University to mobilize intellectual power for protecting Georgian state interests against Russian aggression.

In this decisive moment of fight for independence and freedom we hope that the world university community will protest against Russia’s wide-scale military campaign aiming at the annihilation of Georgian state."



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