Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sites Announced For Official And Unofficial Opening Ceremonies Of The 2008 Beijing/Drapchi Summer Olympics

The official opening ceremonies for the Beijing Summer 2008 Olympics will be held at the new National Stadium in Beijing, Peoples Republic of China.

The unofficial opening ceremonies for the Summer 2008 Olympics will be held at Drapchi Prison City, Lhasa, Tibet.


Shen Tong with Marianne Yen, ALMOST A REVOLUTION: The Story of a Chinese Student's Journey from Boyhood to Leadership in Tiananmen Square , 1990

"In his groundbreaking memoir about China's democracy movement and the massacre at Tiananmen Square in June 1989, student leader Shen Tong offers us a rare look at a bold and daring new generation of Chinese citizens"

ALMOST A REVOLUTION is available for purchase or for full, on-line reading from Google Books.

Shen Tong today runs a foundation for China's democracy movements.


It is to be hoped for that those reading the memoir on-line, and having adequate above-subsistence level personal or family income or wealth, will make an off-setting contribution to a charity of their own choosing. Three suggestions:

Amnesty International

International Campaign for Tibet


Photo credits: Wikipedia Commons and International Campaign for Tibet. With thanks.


Before noon on April 3, 2008, the Renaissance Research blog website was tested and was found to be available in Beijing, China; Shanghai, China; and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


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