Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Morning Prayer ... "I Want The Iranians To Know That If I'm The President, We Will Attack [And Totally Obliterate] Iran" -- Hillary Clinton

'The flowering shoots of both species of Pussy Willow are used in their respective native regions for spring religious decoration on Palm Sunday, as a replacement for palm branches, which do not grow that far north.

Russian Orthodox; Ukrainian Orthodox; Polish, Austrian, and Bavarian Roman Catholics, and various other East European peoples carry pussy willows on Palm Sunday instead of palm branches (which do not grow that far north). This custom has continued to this day among Russian Orthodox, Ukrainian Orthodox, Romanian Orthodox, Polish Catholic, and Ukrainian Catholic emigrees -- and guests -- in North America. Sometimes, on Palm or Pussy Sunday [last Sunday], they will bless both palms and pussywillows in church. The branches will often be preserved throughout the year in the family's icon corner.'


Source for Hillary Clinton quote on Earth Day, April 22, 2008.

Change the world can live by?


Photo and caption credit: Wikipedia. With thanks.


Iranian Sizdeh Bedar, Ancient Spring Festival

Green Willows or Black Rain [Kuroi ame]?

Photo credit: iearn.saf.ir. With thanks.


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