Monday, January 28, 2008

Would A President Barack Obama Help Build Washington, D.C.'s New Historic Central Park?

"Until now, a cottage three miles from the White House where Abraham Lincoln paced the floors contemplating the end of slavery, was largely unknown to the public.

But after a seven-year, $15 million restoration, the cottage at the Armed Forces Retirement Home is set to open to the public for the first time on President's Day, Feb. 18.

The cottage was rediscovered -- so to speak -- by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and declared a national monument in 2000...

Audio and video of actors portraying the president, first lady Mary Lincoln and their associates will recreate stories from the cottage. Visitors will also be able to play the roles of rival cabinet secretaries and debate emancipation with the museum's multimedia room.

Lincoln's decision to emancipate the slaves is the most prominent theme at the retreat. Some historians believe Lincoln may have written the Emancipation Proclamation there, although there's still debate."

Associated Press "Lincoln's Summer Home Opens On President's Day" Jamuary 27, 2008

President Lincoln's Summer White House, opening to the public on Feburary 18; and the concept plan for the district of the Nation's Capital's new Central Historic Park, north of the Nation's Capitol building.

Don't look to Sharon Percy Rockefeller or to the Current Washington Establishment for leadership help in building this new United States National Central Park.

Photo credits: National Park Service and With thanks.


National Building Museum, the long-term Washington Symbol and City exhibition.

National Coalition To Save Our Mall.


Stryiskyi Park, Lviv, Ukraine, Future European Union. May 30, 2005.

City parks as a chance for ecotourism, education and recreation.


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