Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kim Jong Il on the Art of Opera: Talk to Creative Workers in the Field of Art and Literature September 4-6, 1974

Yours, or mine, for 'only' $25 at Only one copy available, although more are reported to be on the way.

Kim Jong II [Il]

1972 North Korea Sea of Blood Revolution Opera Book on e-Bay. [See photos.]

Opera as Drama: Fiftieth Anniversary Edition By Joseph Kerman [Extensive, on-line book preview.]

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[Aide-memoire: September 4-6, 1974

Returned in mid-August from ten-weeks touring Central and Western Europe via Montreal [$800 total cost]. Began Chaucer-Dante Honors Seminar under Derek Traversi; Types of Eastern Religious Philosophy Honors Seminar under Donald K. Swearer; Third-Year Music Theory and Composition (Schenkerism-Combinatoriality) under David H. Steinbrook; Figured-Bass and Score-Reading Tutorial under Robert M. Smart; and Astronomy under Wulff D. Heinz. Did not have time to enroll in student orchestra or chamber music programs.]


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