Friday, September 14, 2007

Mr Cogito Pulls Out His Tall Rubber Boots As He Prepares Neighbourhood For Higher Oceans, More Severe Hurricanes, And A "Non-Polar, Global World"

"The US has suffered a significant loss of power and prestige around the world in the years since George W. Bush came to power, limiting its ability to influence international crises, an annual survey from a well regarded British security think-tank concluded on Tuesday.

The 2007 Strategic Survey of the non-partisan International Institute for Strategic Studies picked the decline of US authority as one of the most important security developments of the past year – but suggested the fading of American prestige began earlier, largely due to its failings in Iraq.

John Chipman, the institute’s director-general, said the “authority, prestige and reputation of the US is not what it might have been four or five years ago”. The deter­ioration of American power had led to a “non-polar” world in which other actors, such as Russia, had been able to assert themselves.

The report says the US failure in Iraq had meant the Bush administration suffered from a much-reduced ability to hold sway in both domestic and international affairs. This was evident, it says, from the president’s failure to push through a new immigration bill, to the scant regard paid to US efforts to influence Israeli-Palestinian developments and Mr Bush’s sudden acceptance of the need for action on climate change. ...

Washington’s ability to act as an honest broker in the world had declined; and Iraq had meant the US had failed to pay as much attention as it should have to other parts of the world.

The report concludes that the “the restoration of American strategic authority seemed bound to take much longer than the mere installation of a new president”.

Stephen Fidler "US sufffers decline in prestige" Financial Times September 12, 2007

Human beings, Magadan, Russian Federation Far East.

Magadan was created in 1933 CE. Human beings were not.

Natalia Dolgova, born 1968 in Ust-Omchug, Magadan Region, artist whose work is based on the ancient art of the peoples of Northeast Asia, in particular the Chukchee and Eskimos

Vadim Kozin, 1903–1994, a popular Russian tenor in the 1930s. Sentenced to the Kolyma camps in 1944, he became a resident of Magadan where he died.

Nikolai Getman, 1917-2004, Ukrainian artist, remembered for his paintings depicting the horrors of the Kolyma gulag. He organised the Magadan Artists' Union and was director of the Magadan section of the Arts Foundation of the RSFSR from 1963 to 1966.

Valentin Tsvetkov, 1948-2002, former governor (from 1996) of Magadan Oblast, gunned down in Moscow in October 2002, apparently for issues involving fish quotas.

Photo credit: (c) Basil Pao and Palin's Travels. All rights reserved. 2007. With thanks.


"What is history?"

"What evidence is there that the lead in Hamlet should be played by a male actor?"


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