Friday, November 17, 2006

Mr Cogito Breaks His Promise To Himself And His Doctor And Opens The Belarusian Official State Newspaper

Finnish Santa Claus to visit residence of Belarusian Father Frost

"Belarusian Father Frost is now in Russia to meet with his Russian colleague and to congratulate him upon his birthday. He will also take part in the international forum “Father Frost – 2006” which opened in Moscow on November 17. Within the next two days, the forum will be held in the towns of Vologda and Velikiy Ustiug – the residence of Russian Father Frost.

Attending the forum are New Year and Christmas characters from Russian regions and other countries. They have gathered to exchange experience and to announce the beginning of the Christmas celebrations.

The participation of Belarusian Father Frost in the international forum attest to the growing interest of many countries in the fairy estate which opened in the Belovezhskaya Puscha three years ago, Galina Zaburianova, the head of the tourism department of the president’s property management department [sic], told BelTA. More than 170 thousand people from 67 countries have visited the residence of Belarusian Father Frost since 2003.

“Belarusian Father Frost is known all over the world, Galina Zaburianova noted. – During the forum he will hold the presentation of his residence which is supposed to grow bigger in the near future as new recreational facilities will be constructed”.

After his visit to Russia, Belarusian Father Frost will start preparing for meetings with his foreign colleagues. Finnish Santa Claus will become the first guest. This “summit” is scheduled on December 3.

“The character of Father Frost unites grown-ups and children by his kindness and I am sure that he will keep this quality for a long time, Father Frost told reporters. - People believe in this and everyone tries to touch my beard and make a wish”.

Belarusian [Official State]Telegraph Agency "Finish Santa Claus to visit residence of Belarusian Father Frost" November 17, 2006

Velikiy Ustiug, the Russian Federation – the residence of Russian Father Frost. Shown here during summertime. [Click link for William Brumfield essay A VIEW THROUGH THE LENS OF AN AMERICAN SCHOLAR-PHOTOGRAPHER.]

The State Historical-Architectural & Art Museum of Velikiy Ustyug is located at 20 architectural memorials and contains 96,000 museum pieces.

Address: 162340, RUSSIA,
Vologda Region,
Velikiy Ustyug-city,
Naberejnaya, 64
Phones: (817-38) 2-34-47
Director: Antonina Andreeva

Photo credit: WWW.CULTINFO.RU [Russian Federation]. With thanks.


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