Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Karlheinz Essl, Vincent Le Quang, Heinz Ditsch, And Aaron Leitko Introduce New Musical Sounds To National Capital's Conservative Music And Arts Scene

Viennese composer and sound artist Karlheinz Essl, Paris-based Vietnamese-European saxophonist and composer Vincent Le Quang, Viennese composer and text and sound artist Heinz Ditsch, and Washington, D.C.- based experimental composer Aaron Leitko have introduced new musical energies to the classical and new music scenes of Washington, D.C., this past week. (Aaron Leitko's new score for Dana Tai Soon Burgess's "Images from the Embers", a dance about the trauma of war, unfolds this evening at the Austrian Embassy, and is sponsored by the Austrian Cultural Forum of Washington, D.C., but that event is sold out.)

Karlheinz Essl

Vincent Le Quang

Heinz Ditsch

Aaron Lietko

Anton Henning, untitled, 1992

Ink on paper.

25 by 19 inches

Photo credit: Robert Brown Gallery, Washington, D.C. With thanks.


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