Monday, October 30, 2006

"We Hope These Discussions Will Not Result In The Creation Of Some New Berlin Wall Along The EU Borders"

"Ukraine president Viktor Yushchenko continued to hammer on enlargement as the EU-Ukraine meeting in Helsinki drew to a close on Friday (27 October) afternoon, but got zero political commitment in return.

The dioxin-scarred Orange Revolution veteran told press he was "occasionally worried about the intention to determine EU borders" adding "we hope these discussions will not result in the creation of some new Berlin Wall along the EU borders."

Ukrainians "need to see the European doors open" the president stated, warning that unless the new EU-Ukraine treaty for post-2007 relations contains explicit recognition of Kiev's accession hopes "the political chapter of the agreement will have no sense."" ...

Andrew Rettman "Ukraine enlargement plea falls on deaf ears" EU Observer October 27, 2006

Odesa (Odessa), Ukraine Opera House built in the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Style, at a time when Europe was unified and there were no "Berlin Walls".

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