Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Weimar Triangle Nations [Germany, France, Poland] To Collaborate With Ukraine On Free Media Development

A seminar entitled "Professional Media in Democratic Societies”, for about 50 journalists from Germany, France, Poland, and Ukraine, is being held in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine on February 17 and 18, 2006. The meeting has been jointly organized by the foreign ministries of the four countries.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Boris Tarassiouk will open the seminar, which is widely viewed as further proof of the interest of the Weimar Triangle countries in developing democratic institutions and promoting the rule of law in Ukraine in order to promote closer ties between Ukraine and Western and Central Europe.

Source: Embassy of France in the United States Daily Press Briefing

Saint Michael's Orthodox Church, Kyiv, Ukraine. This Orthodox Church was partially destroyed by the Nazis, and then dynamited and razed to the ground by the Soviets to make way for the Soviet Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, whose first [and only] Stalinist-era building can be seen to the far left. [It is now the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs]. This Orthodox Church is one of many in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus completely rebuilt from the ground up over the past 15 years. The Ukrainian Monument to the millions of Ukrainians killed in Stalin's artificially-induced famine of 1932-33 is located in front of the Church, on the left.

The death toll from the 1932-33 famine in Ukraine has been estimated at between six million and seven million.

Photo credit: International Network for Engineering Education and Research (Arlington, VA) With thanks.


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