Monday, December 12, 2005

On The Economic Destructiveness And Cost Of Warfare Over Time

"The [Polish political party, the] League of Polish Families filed a draft resolution Monday with parliament calling for the government to have "experts come up with an estimate" of material losses that Poland sustained between 1939-45, Mateusz Kotas, a party official said.

He said the intention is to ''settle accounts between Polish and German governments and close that chapter in history,'' Kotas told The Associated Press.

It was unclear when parliament might consider the resolution or if all of Poland's main right-leaning parties, who triumphed in recent elections, would support it.

In October, Warsaw city officials released a report estimating the capital's wartime damages at US$54 billion (euro45 billion). Then-mayor Lech Kaczynski, who ordered the report, has since become Poland's president-elect." ...

Associted Press "Polish Party Wants Tally of WWII Damage" December 12, 2005. via

Downtown Warsaw, Poland 1945

"According to a report published in 1947, "Report on Poland's losses and war damages in the years 1939-1945" as many as 6.028.000 Polish citizens died as a consequence of the war. Only 644.000 of them lost their lives directly as a result of combat actions (of which the losses of the army amounted to 123.000 (in fact they exceeded 160.000) - the remaining deaths were due to the German occupier's terror)."

Photo and text credit: Swiat Polonii


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