Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Eve Music (Western Christendom) From King’s College, Cambridge, England

"Since [Stephen] Cleobury took charge in 1982, the [King's College] choir has been commissioning composers for its Christmas Eve Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. Here they all are: 22 carols in a kaleidoscope of styles, but with something inalienably “carol-ish” in common. Between the austerity of Birtwistle’s The Gleam and Dove’s sweet-natured The Three Kings is less to choose than you might think. The mini-drama of Goehr’s Carol for St Steven and the broad scale of Swayne’s Winter Solstice Carol strike out into new territory. Highlights include Weir’s Illuminare, Jerusalem and Adès’s svelte Fayrfax Carol.

Paul Driver "Classical: New Releases: Various Composers: On Christmas Day [sic]" The Sunday Times December 18, 2005.


The ceiling of King's College Chapel, Cambridge, England.

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