Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Open Source Ware Symphonic Composition

The Library of Congress Music Division has made available, on-line, compositional sketches, and other materials, from the new Roger Reynolds Collection. The Collection is curated by music theorist and musicologist Stephen Soderberg.

Score and manuscript materials to compositions by distinguished American composer Roger Reynolds (b. 1934), including Transfigured Wind III, The angel of death, Symphony (Myths), and Whispers out of time [Pulitzer Prize for Music, 1989], are available on the site. Additionally, the site features an interview with Mr Reynolds, a recording of Transfigured Wind III, full documentation, and a photo gallery. See:


Below is the link to six manuscript sketches from Mr Reynold's Symphony (Myths):


Now, if Washington, D.C. had a fully functioning culture, the National Symphony Orchestra would program some of the works by Mr. Reynolds to celebrate the launch of the Library of Congress Music Division's humanist initiative.


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Page 1 of 6 compositional sketches to Roger Reynolds's Symphony (Myths); not soon to be performed by the National Symphony Orchestra (Washington, D.C.).

Photo source and credit: (c) Roger Reynolds. Credit to Stephen Soderberg and the technical staff of the Music Division, Library of Congress.


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