Wednesday, August 31, 2005

How Are We To Think About Religion And Economics In Our Modern World?

"I know how close it was to the heart of my great predecessor, the servant of God John Paul II, that this act of historical justice take place and that Europe be able to breathe with two lungs - one western and one eastern," Pope Benedict XVI said [today]."


"Poland's transition to democracy and a free market have left the country with a fast-growing economy, but one that so far has not rewarded everyone. The jobless rate is 18 percent and annual income averages only $9,330. "The revolution has eaten its own children," said protester Edward Roeding."

Monika Scislowska "World Leaders Laud Solidarity Movement" AP via August 31, 2005

Black Madonna, Czestochowa, Poland.

In 1717, the papal nuncio to Poland crowned the Holy Mother of Czestochowa "Queen of Poland". This act of bonding a central Christian symbol with the Polish people symbolically counteracted the famous `Silent Sejm [Parliment]' of that same year, which effectively surrendered the country to Russian political control.

See also Henryck Gorecki's Symphony of Sorrowful Songs (Symphony #3)[1976], the best-selling classical composition of the past 30 years -- the first movement of which sets a Polish Marian text. (The second movement sets a short graffito carved on a Nazi Gestapo prison wall by a Polish female teenage resistance fighter, while the third movement sets a Polish anti-war folk song.)


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