Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Nathan the Wise -- Missing in Action

"Majorities in Great Britain, France, Canada,
the U.S. and Russia, as well as pluralities
in Spain and Poland, say they have a somewhat
or very favorable view of Muslims. In the West,
only among the Dutch and Germans does a majority
or plurality hold unfavorable views of Muslims
(51% and 47%, respectively).

For their part, people in predominately Muslim
countries have mixed views of Christians and
strongly negative views of Jews. In Lebanon,
which has a large Christian minority, 91% of
the public thinks favorably of Christians.
Smaller majorities in Jordan and Indonesia
also have positive views of Christians.
However, in Turkey (63%), Morocco (61%) and
Pakistan (58%), solid majorities express
negative opinions of Christians."

The Pew Global Attitudes Project July 14, 2005

Saladin, from a 12th c. Arab codex. "Saladin died,
leaving behind only one piece of gold and 47 pieces
of silver; he had given the rest away to his
poor subjects."


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